One Woman - Many Worlds







You don't want all information stuffed into one page, do you? Let me list some of the the more important things:


I hold workshops for:
Storytelling: There are still too few of us out there, and that is why I teach my trade to others.
Dancing: This happens only on Live-Events, when visotors wish to partake of the festivities without having to learn long complicated dancing steps in advance. It's great fun for all the participants!
Satalyas Refuge a MUST on any convention or LARP. When you reached your point of total exhaustion after patiently trotting from one vendour's stall to the other or fighting your way through hordes of Orcs (Romulans, Storm Troops, Dark Shadows)? By standing in queue up for an autograph or aolmoste coming to fisticuffs with other fans about the last logo of Aldebaran? A quarter of an hour in Satalya's Refuge and you will feel like floating through the event.
On the other hand, you can well try for more: Ask for the Tarot cards, and have a part of your future unveiled to you...
Last, but not least: The SCA, also known as the Society for Creative Anachronism. The ideal community for me, because everybody can be as medieval als he or she likes from medival party animal too very period specialist. I like ist especially, because as Perdita von Bremen I can sing and talk without having to fight the local monsters before. Also: No orc is going to ruin my embroidery!

If you want to know more about me, you are welcome to ask me.