Storytelling und Dancing


Workshop I: Storytelling


Take a live-event. ANY live-event.

The exhausted heroes are sitting in a (tavern, barroom, den of iniquity, readyroom). They had had their daily fill of saving the world (universe), have talked through all tactics and planned the strategy for the next day. And the heroes are spent too tired for another fight, but not yet tired enough to retire to bed.

What now?

For heaven's sake no talk about old CONs or LARPs, that would be grossly out of time and disturb the ambience.

Music from some electronic source? Hmpf.

Someone telling stories ("When I was barkeep at Mos Eisley....") from far away places? WONDERFUL!

Telling stories.... can you learn how to do it? You can.

Like all other things that you have ever learned in life, storytelling ist 10% talent and 90% sweat. And a bit of basic knowledge of what you are doing wouldn't hurt. For instance:


What kind of a storyteller am I?
Body language we use it since the days of the Neandertal People, but how do I use it on purpose?


Gestures which basic gestures are there; and do men and women have diffenent gestures?


Rhetorics Do I have to remember words like onomatopoeien, and do I have to study the classics? (Frankly, no.)
Props help or hindrance?
Audience how do I know when it gets bored, and what do I do about it?

And so on...


Listing up all the features would outrange this page and after all, you do want to hear it live, don't you?



Workshop II: Dancing


To be dancing on an event who wouldn't want to? No jumping around to an own choreography (or lack thereof), no complicated courtly pattern, just move to the music in an orderly way...

...if only one knew HOW.

Well, you can learn it!

There are very easy dances like the Chapelloise with an early kind of changing your partner - or the Bransle de la Haye, the most difficult part of which ist the 'grand chain' - or the Tourdion, in which ladies and gentlemen whirl alternately until everything turns around according to the song.


NORDCON 2007: Amazing, everyone has the correct foot in the air!

But the easiest ist the Tikh'ionne (shown above), similar to brittannic round dances and easily to manage even by those, to whom the art of dancing seems to get lost in translation between head and feet. You just hold on to your neighbours' hands, and if you are a beat off, you can reorientate yourself left or right.

Come on: Let's face the music and DANCE!


*picture by courtesy of  gordian@ (Website also available in english!)