The SCA (Society of Creative Anachronism)


The SCA (Society of Creative Anachronism) is the result of a party that started 1966 at the University of Berkeley, California. This party has not yet ended.


 The short version:

The students in a course on the Middle Ages thought: "All through the semester we've heard about mediaval ages in theory, now let's go out and have two weeks of the real thing." Said and done. They had so much fun about it that repeated this again and again. When they went home, they took the idea with them and started it anew with new participants, acquired new members, who went into the world and started the whole thing anew...



Today there are branches of the SCA all over the world, which does not only brings countries nearer to one another, but it is also lot of fun to meet people from the other end of the world with the same hobby. Who wishes to do so, can learn a lot of old arts and crafts, and delve deep into dusty and forgotten archives to excavate ancient knowledge.

The impressive dragon (Click on it!) in front of the trees is the arms of Drachenwald. That is the name of our local kingdom, which reaches from the northern polar circle to the southern tip of Africa. Have a look at Kingdom Regnum!

Inside of this kingdom, there are several groups. On of them is the Shire of the Two Seas, to which I belong. Ist arms is the yellow merhorse on blue ground. The two laurel wreaths symbolize, that Two Seas belongs to Drachenwald. Click on the merhorse to get to the webside of Two Seas.

In the SCA I am known as Perdita von Bremen just guess, what I'm doing there...

If you want to know more about the persona of Perdita, click here: