Have you ever fought your way through hordes of Orcs, (Romulans, Storm Troops, Dark Shadows), wrestled with obstinate necromancers (Orions, various rebels, Narn) and held long discussions with oracles (Vulcans, Yoda, Vorlons)?

Did you ever reach your point of total exhaustion after patiently trotting from one vendour's stall to the other? By standing in queue up for an autograph or almost coming to fisticuffs with other fans about the last logo of Aldebaran?

Are you dead tired and would you just LOVE to take a nap, but there are still so many things to see and to do? Well, now there ist a solution to your problems.

Get a relaxing massage!

Seak for Satalya's Refuge and let yourself be massaged by knowing hands and with beneficial oils, embraced by rose scent or incense. The strain in your neck and shoulders will vanish like snow in the sun. Just a quarter of an hour in Satalya's Refuge and soon you will feel like floating through the event.



But not only your body needs caring for your soul might need it, too.

You have a question that has long been bothering you? A vage presentiment disturbs your sleep? You would like a bit of assurance for a certain point in your life?

Get an interpretation from tarot cards.

This old art, handed down from our ancestors, may bring light and help you with your decisions.

You don't believe in 'soothsaying'? Then it's time for you to try!