Satalya's... hm... Biography


Nothing in my formerly blameless life did ever hint that one day I should be dressed in strange, colourful garment, singing songs and telling stories of foreign locations to complete strangers... much less teaching them how to do just that. And even less I thought that I might ever hop over someone's lawn, teaching other people in dressed strange, colourful garnments to move gracefully to the music!

Playing in disguise was something to be forgotten at the end of childhood. The theatre was a building, and actors were altogether loose folk anyhow. You went to the opera, and sometimes even listened, but be a singer yourself... never, especially not on a stage that had nothing to do with ART. All twiddletwaddle. The serious business of life was what I had to attend to, and most of the time I was bored to death.

Then came roleplaying games hallelujah!

They were at first hesitatingly accepted as pen & paper games, for which I wrote the first plots and scenarios ("Don't tell the others that I did it..." )

My first medieval market, and I admired it profoundly, until two visiting elves took me along and explained everything to me. Before I knew what had happened, I found myself in a borrowed costume, of which I didn't know that it was called garb. From then on I was led from one group to another, half dragged, half pushed by two pointy eared urchins. I was asked to participate in the ongoing activity, and the only things I could think of were music and stories.

And I found my profession. Haven't you seen this before on a live-event? At one time in the evening every local monster is slain or otherwise made powerless, every battle has been talked over, every plan of conquest is made, all spells have been prepared, all computers hacked, all traffic ways sabotaged what now? For heaven's sake no talk about old CONs or LARPs, that would be grossly out of time and disturb the ambience. Music from some electronic source? Hmpf. Someone telling stories ("When I was still barkeep at Mos Eisley...") from far away places and times? WONDERFUL!

"Satalya, couldn't you please..." I could and enthusiasically told stories. Of course, my stories of today have nothing in common with my erstwhile haltingly told yarns, and my garb since then has long been my own.

Bards and storytellers are always needed, whether in a realm of of magic and elves, in strict (or not so strict) medieval times, in endtime scenarios or on starships of the future. Only we are so few! More and more people came to me after an evening of entertainment and asked: "How do you think of all that?"     "How do you DO it?"     "Can this be learned?"     "Would you teach me how...?"

That's how I came to hold workshops about storytelling and the basic knowledge of our trade.


But not only that. All of a sudden I became a semi-professional dancing master, only remotely remembering how that came to pass:

During Nordcon a lady was supposed to teach 'Long Dances', but had to give up as her voice was too delicate. And I faced those who in vain had come to be taught: "What.... no dancing?"

I have no knowledge of court dances, but didn't want to disappoint those willing to dance, therefore I offered: "If you don't mind... I could teach you something more of a parochial way...?"

They didn't mind, on the contrary. One improvised dancing workshop became three, on Sunday the lawn was crowded with daners... and ever since then people ask the organizers of the Nordcon, whether the dancing workshop will be held again. Makes me very happy and the dancers, too.


And I'm still going strong. In the meantime I am a member in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism), where I am known as Perdita von Bremen...

... and under the name of Commodore Caerlon Mrreet I am one of the games masters for a small, but fine Online-RPG.